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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Kindle is a Hot Rising Trend

Why Kindle is a Hot Rising Trend had more of an impact on digital publishing revolution than they realized.

The Kindle has changed the way people read and interact with content, but it has also forced traditional print publishers to look at a new business model and era.

Most traditional print publishers, in my experience, have been hesitant to embrace the new platform, model and especially the pricing.

The Kindle has streamlined the digital publishing process, and has almost single handedly reduced the cost of digital content.

Traditional print publishers are complaining about the Kindle claiming it has “de-valued” books and other content.

I disagree.

The Kindle has opened a new world of publishing and eliminated middlemen and costly overhead usually associated with print publishing.

In other words, a traditional book publisher may offer a new book to the marketplace at a retail price of $24.95. This same book is offered at a fraction of this price in the Kindle Store, same book, for half or a third of the cost.

However, great books and content can still be sold at a premium, relatively speaking, on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

In other words, there’s still a huge demand for authors and publishers, and in fact the demand has never been greater.

But the business model for publishing has changed in a remarkable way.
Change is never easy, and it’s usually uncomfortable.

But, there’s an incredible upside to this new, digital publishing model, of which Kindle is a big part.

Authors, who would never see the light of day with traditional print publishers, are now getting published! 
On top of that, authors are getting in weeks rather than months or years.

What’s more, authors receive better contractual terms on Kindle Direct Publishing, and many other digital platforms, then what they have received from most traditional book publishers.

Plus, authors have greater control over his or her content, and they have the ability to update content instantly, as well as test different price points and markets.

In addition, authors and publishers on Kindle Direct Publishing do not require agents, inventory or printing, allowing them more time to focus on great, relevant content!

The Kindle is a huge hit in our household. We have two kids under sixteen, and two adults.

The revolution is on!



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